natural skin care

A cosmetics company prepares a number of products in a quick time, they are products formulated with chemical ingredients and often many of these ingredients are harmful to your health. Furthermore, they are prepared without care or love. Fogliolina products, by Parvafolium, are handcrafted. First and foremost they are made with natural ingredients, they are ECO-Friendly and they are not expensive.
If you are tired of paying good money for chemical compounds that are harmful to your skin and your entire body, look no further.

From face and body treatments to hands, nails and hair care, Parvafolium preparations are intended for those who lead, or intend to lead, a simple and healthy lifestyle rich in the energy of nature and love for all, for any age and gender.

Nature itself guides the choice of raw materials which is based on the quality of the ingredients. In fact being all natural products, without preservatives, the freshness of raw materials is essential.

Beside being formulated with simple and natural ingredients, without any preservatives, additives or dyes; every single product is prepared with the hand of the heart, reiki treated and leaded by the lunar cycle and the flow of universe.

Find the product that best suits your needs  among butter and moisturizers, oils and serums, balms and creams, perfumes and deodorants, herbal waters and other products.

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Parvafolium products are not intended for medical use nor to treat any disease.
Parvafolium products have not been evaluated by the US FDA
Ask your physician before using this product.
If you have any allergy to any of the above ingredients don’t use it.